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Remote Work Advice from the Social Media Experts, Part 2 — Tech, Environment, & Mental Preparation

Remote and hybrid work is here to stay , so if you’re new to the remote environment, or old pros (like our team here at BrandGlue, having been remote for a decade plus now!), we have some tips to help make your remote work successful. In this three-part series, we are sharing everything from the…

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3 Questions to Ask Before Embracing & Adopting a New Social Media Trend

‘That’s so last year.’ As a social media manager, does this phrase keep you up at night? Phrases like this one, as well as ‘everyone else is doing it,’ or ‘that seems like a fun idea,’ can have you quaking in your boots. When it comes to social media trends, it might seem like there is always…

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Remote Work Advice from the Social Media Experts, Part 1 — Tech, Environment, & Mental Preparation

While the pandemic introduced many changes across the social media landscape , one of the biggest takeaways was the rapid increase and dependence on remote and hybrid work. Now, some companies are making the transition to remote-only work, while others are attempting a hybrid approach; either way…

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[Explained] The Psychology of Color in Social Media Marketing

Since kindergarten, we have been asked ‘what’s our favorite color’? The answer to this question helps us choose our clothes for work, pick out a new cereal in the grocery aisle, and even gets us to stop the endless scroll on our social media newsfeed. Visual stimulation is one of the biggest…

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Use these 4 Social Media Trends of 2021 to Boost Traffic and Attract New Customers

Due in large part to the pandemic, 2020 brought an all-time high for time spent on social media, streaming, and ecommerce sales with the number of social media users globally reaching over 3.6 billion . Let’s break down some of the stand-out trends from the past two years, including where budgets…

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