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Investing in Social Media Communities in 2022

Social media communities are critical for any brand; they help promote engagement, brand loyalty, awareness, and trust, and ultimately drive revenue. Now more than ever, people are using social media to seek out community and build connections. In 2022, it’s time for social media marketers to…

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Bring the Creativity: Top Trends for Digital Marketing Social Ads

Trying to stand out in the social sphere can leave social media managers burned out! Wracking your brain for how to keep your next social ads campaign fresh? We’ve rounded up a few of the best trends of 2022 to help up your creative ante. Check them out:   Trend 1: Video Killed the Traditional…

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How To Utilize User-Generated Content in Social Media Marketing

Although not a new concept, User-Generated Content has seen a resurgence lately and in new formats, with social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook making this type of content a priority on their newsfeeds . As a social media manager, User-Generated Content, also called…

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Social Media Trends from 2021 to take into the New Year

Feel like leaving 2021 completely in the dust? While it might be tempting to treat 2021 like a twin to 2020 and just look toward what’s ahead, there are actually a number of valuable trends to carry into 2022, particularly for social media managers. As social platforms continue to grow with no end…

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Captivating Copy: 4 Tips for Social Media Copywriting

Today, the typical social media newsfeed is full of flashy graphics, entertaining videos, and an array of sponsored ad content. So if you’re wondering if there’s even a point to good copy anymore, never fear: The answer is a resounding yes. Great copy is one of the key elements you’ll find in…

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