There is a lot going on out there in the social sphere.

Here's what we've got to say about it.

Best Practices for Managing B2B Social Media DMs

Over the years, more social media interactions have been happening in private channels. Why is this exactly? It could be that people have just had enough of the back and forth or politics that can come with public posting. Earlier this year, Meta noticed this trend and quickly rolled out their…

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The Top Design Trends on Social Media in 2023

We’re over halfway through 2023, and there’s already been an explosion of change on social media. Technology is changing, the platforms are changing, the way people are consuming social media is changing—it’s everywhere!  Alongside these advancements, we’re seeing some pretty cool social media…

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We’re Hiring A Social Media Account Director

We’re Hiring A Social Media Account Director We are BrandGlue—a social media strategy and creative agency, reaching our client’s audiences effectively in the places they hang out most. We've got some exciting new clients and projects in the works. So many, in fact, that we need a Social Media…

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The 2023 Guide to Facebook Ad Formats for B2B Marketers

After releasing its guide to Instagram ad formats earlier this year, Meta just dropped a new cheat sheet for Facebook ad formats . From image ads, to engaging videos, to dynamic carousels, this guide takes you through all the diverse range of ad formats available on the platform and how they can…

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New Insights: Short and Long-Term Benefits of Facebook Video Ads

In today’s challenging economic climate, marketers are increasingly recognizing the importance of comprehending and measuring their marketing investments. Recently, one of the largest ad powerhouses, Meta, teamed up with Nielsen to conduct a study on the dynamics of advertising impact, both in the…

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