How we boosted brand awareness and organic engagement for WhiteHat Security

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Here’s what they wanted:

  1. Visibility: Increase brand awareness, share of voice and visibility on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram with B2B buyer decision makers and employees.
  2. Engagement: Boost organic engagement of social posts across all four channels.
  3. Traffic: Drive traffic to WhiteHat Security’s website to further increase brand awareness and assist lead generation efforts.

Here was the plan:

Before the BrandGlue team came on board, the team at WhiteHat Security posted here and there on their social channels, often without a holistic social strategy in place. Given their recent exponential growth, it was time to take their social presence to the next level. Right away, the team at BrandGlue implemented top social media best practices for WhiteHat Security, including:

  1. Posting consistently across all channels.
  2. Incorporating compelling media within posts, such as on-brand photos/graphics and the introduction of video.
  3. Diversifying content, including press coverage and industry thought leadership.
  4. Making the brand more “human” through photos and videos of WhiteHat life/culture.
  5. Interacting with fans and followers through comments, likes, shares, retweets, and more.

Here’s how it went:

In just five months, we achieved the following results for WhiteHat Security:

  1. Visibility: Increased monthly impressions by 67%.
  2. Engagement: Increased monthly engagement by 56%.
  3. Traffic: Nearly tripled monthly traffic to the website from social.
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