How we helped Intuit Accountants get the right audience at the right price

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Here’s what they wanted:

  1. Visibility: Increase awareness and engagement about in-person training events that would be taking place in various mid to major-sized U.S. cities.
  2. Registrations: Drive traffic from social media that would convert to registrations for these training events.

Here was the plan:

With the sophistication of targeting on Facebook, we knew there was a big opportunity to utilize social ads to achieve registration goals for the in-person training events. We wanted to drive as many registrations as possible while raising awareness about the events in various U.S. cities. We decided to use an existing and extensive library of Facebook audiences to target users. The BrandGlue team has helped Intuit Accountants build these audiences over the years. To optimize the cost per acquisition for registrations, we used the Conversion Objective within Facebook ads. We also tested various aspects of the ads using Dynamic Ads, which allows us to upload 5 options for the headline, copy, link preview, button, and creative assets. After a testing phase, we allocated the remaining ad spend to the top performing ad combinations.

Here’s how it went:

  1. Drove a much higher volume of registrations than previous similar programs.
  2. As a percentage of the total registrations, social accounted for more registrations than ever previously recorded for this program.
  3. Saw a 25% decrease in cost per acquisition from a previous similar program.
  4. Gained 1 registration for every 6 clicks.
  5. Increased awareness of the program by acquiring 1 million impressions.
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