How we helped grow Eloqua’s Facebook community by 2,500%

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Here’s what they wanted:

  1. Growth: Eloqua wanted to grow their social outlets with a targeted B2B audience.
  2. Engagement: The fan page for Eloqua had subpar engagement. They wanted to reach and engage their social audience.
  3. Traffic: Driving traffic from social to Eloqua’s website and blog was a top goal.

Here was the plan:

Utilizing a targeted sweepstake and paid advertising, BrandGlue helped Eloqua acquire new fans on social. By incorporating social post best practices, such as posting consistently, utilizing engaging and fun graphics, and asking questions, these new fans (and the current ones already existing) engaged with Eloqua’s B2B content at an extremely high rate. To increase website traffic, the posts served up to the new fans included product, premium content, and thought leadership posts that all drove back to Eloqua’s website and blog. The larger, engaged audience clicked through since the content was quality, which helped us achieve our goal of greatly increasing social web traffic.

Here’s how it went:

  1. Growth: Eloqua’s fan base grew by 2,500%.
  2. Engagement: BrandGlue helped Eloqua increase fan engagement by 300%.
  3. Traffic: Referral traffic from social grew by 150%.
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