Five Ways to Repurpose Video Content on Social Media

Zach WelchMay 24, 2023Tips Design

Social media algorithms have favored video content in recent years, which we’ve seen across Facebook, Instagram, and the rise of TikTok. But now more platforms favored by B2B marketers like Twitter and LinkedIn are increasingly prioritizing video content. 

It makes sense, seeing as people are consuming more and more video content per day every year. Did you know that in 2022, experts predicted that the average person would be spending up to 100 minutes per day watching videos online

Despite all the great results video can bring, the production can be time consuming and often carries a hefty price tag. So how can busy B2B marketers maximize their amount of video content? Here are a few smart ways to repurpose your videos across social media.

Ways to Repurpose Video Content

Create short clips: Take shorter clips from longer videos and share them on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. This can help grab the attention of users who might not have the time or patience to watch longer videos. 

Turn videos into GIFs: Use online tools or software to turn videos into GIFs. GIFs are now being used a lot on social media platforms as posts and comments. This is also a great way to make your B2B brand look more personal and humanized.

Turn videos into blog posts: Turn longer videos into blog posts by transcribing the video content and then summarizing it in written form. This can help you reach audiences who prefer to read rather than watch videos. And it can be a great way to get those SEO points. 

Create a highlight reel: Use short clips from multiple videos to create a highlight reel. This is a smart way to showcase your best content and encourage users to watch more of your videos. Facebook Reels are a great way to showcase these for B2B brands. Read more about the meaning of highlight reels .

Create a teaser trailer: Use a short clip or teaser from a longer video to create a trailer that promotes the full video. Share the trailer on social media to generate interest and encourage users to watch the full video. One of my favorite examples with this is finding the juiciest clips from a webinar and turning those into ads to tease what the webinar is about. Speaking of, we have a blog post that dives into 4 ways to repurpose webinar content


The next time your marketing team says, “We have no video content to post”, you can remind them that the $30k commercial they filmed last year can be repurposed on social media in new, creative ways. It is a whole lot easier than most people would think, and it can help you get the most out of your video investments, both now and in the future. Plus, your B2B brand’s social channels will benefit from any and all video content you are able to utilize and push out as part of your overall social content strategy.  

Do you have any other favorite tips for repurposing your video content? Share with us in the comments below!

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