How To Maximize Your Social Media Video Content in 2022 and Beyond

Rai MasudaJanuary 26, 2022Tips

The video revolution has been going for some time now and is nowhere near over, with 2021 studies showing video as the top content marketing strategy used by brands . In fact, in 2022, experts are predicting that the average person could be spending up to 100 minutes per day watching videos online. This trend is not just a flash in the pan, however. Video content has seen a steady (and sometimes staggering) increase in the past three-five years , with viewers clamoring for more content from brands. Beyond just entertainment value, let’s talk message retention: with video, viewers retain 95% of a message versus just the 10% retention rate from reading text only. Did that stat make you stop and re-examine your social media marketing strategy?

With so many benefits, the first big hurdle with video is often, “So where do I start?” To help, we’ve rounded up the top three trends in video for 2022. These trends will help as you determine what’s right for your brand, your audience, and your message. 

Bite-sized Content

With the rise of TikTok, Instagram Stories and Reels, and YouTube Shorts, short-form video content has never been more prevalent (or more lucrative in terms of ROI ). Disregarding the chicken-or-the-egg debate of did attention spans get shorter because of these new social platforms, or did these platforms arise because of shortening attention spans, it’s true that in 2021, viewers wanted their video content to be short and sweet . But bite-sized content doesn’t mean bite-sized value. The true task for brands is to create both organic and paid ad creatives that are authentic, aligned to your overall marketing goals, and strategically tied to an offer.  With video, it can be easy to forget marketing basics and jump right into content creation, but this misstep can lead to wasted time, effort, and resources.

It’s important to note here that even though short-form video content reigns supreme, the definition of “short” is also changing, with platforms like TikTok expanding content to 3 minutes in length and Instagram increasing reels to a full 60 seconds. What does this mean for social media managers? If your brand has the gift of gab, then the trends might be swinging back in your direction. 

Shake Things Up

In 2022, we expect to see a surge of video content popping up in places like newsletters, webinar landing pages, and emails. In 2021, video on landing pages increased conversions by 86% , and also led to more social shares and reduced bounce rates overall. 

Using video content in new, creative ways has helped brands improve web traffic, win sales, educate users, and offer customer support help. Recent stats show that 81% of people say a brand video has led to them purchasing a product or service. The types of videos used include customer testimonial videos, product demos, and more , each offering value in ways basic copy and photos cannot. It’s important to remember that you don’t need a highly produced video with overpaid actors to stop the scroll. We’ve spent millions of dollars running Facebook ads and the videos that often perform the best are the ones shot on someone’s cell phone (just make sure it’s steady!). Just grab your cell phone and one of your team members who knows their stuff, and you have the makings of an authentic video that your audience will enjoy.

Video Accessibility

The surge in video content popularity produced an increased need to make this content accessible and inclusive, with social platforms answering this need with technology like open and closed captioning, automated captions , and more. Closed captions, while primarily addressing the needs of the hearing impaired, also aids in breaking language barriers as well as the growing number of viewers who watch content with the sound turned off (about 85% of video content viewed on Facebook is watched without sound). In 2022, video marketing that converts will rely on captions and subtitles to reach more audiences, scale to new geographies, and maximize calls-to-action. 

Video content provides a fantastic opportunity to engage new audiences in creative and exciting ways. As long as that content is aligned with your bigger marketing goals, is created with accessibility in mind, and adds value to both the viewer and the brand , it will be a win-win! So, are you ready to tackle the video revolution head-on? There’s no better time to get started! 

How are you getting the most out of your video content? Share with us in the comments!

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