How to Maximize Video Content Across Your Social Networks

Joey PonceNovember 07, 2018Design Tips

Surely, you’ve noticed it: The social media trend of 2017 — and 2018 — is video.

Video content continues to be increasingly important to social media algorithms. With the average person watching more than an hour and a half of video content each day, how can you ensure your video content is successful?

We have a few tips to help you get the most out of your video content across your social networks.


With a variety of video options on Facebook (Facebook Stories, Facebook Live, etc.) it can be difficult to choose the method and medium that will work the best for your objectives.

Natively posted videos receive 10x more shares than Youtube or other third party sources. This is because Facebook gives priority to organic content on their platform. Your videos should include captions to ensure they are accessible, and readily understood by viewers watching without the sound. In addition, subtitles, charts and animations allow for easy consumption.


Historically, people associated Instagram with still photography. And, while photos still make up a major part of Instagram’s content, the outlet is pushing new ideas. With the launch of Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, and being able to upload and post native video, video content is giving photos a run for their money.

In a sea of stunning visuals and only 60 seconds to convey your brand’s message, how can you ensure that your video will be seen on Instagram? Bold and engaging imagery is necessary if you expect to engage with your scrolling viewers. Meaning, your videos will have to be expertly produced and concise. Also, make sure you capitalize on Instagram’s large square viewing area and avoid the landscape format for your videos.

Additionally, Instagram Stories and Instagram Live will help you show off behind-the-scenes content or real-time customer testimonials. They are also great ways to showcase an event. As an added bonus, each time you go live, your audience receives a notification.


Research shows that videos on Twitter receive 6x more retweets than photos. Just as with Facebook, Twitter favors natively posted videos over those from third party sources.

With Twitter videos, keep in mind that you have only 45 seconds to convey your message. This means that, similar to Instagram, you’ll want to utilize eye-catching imagery that can be consumed quickly. The highlight of Twitter is that as viewers scroll, your video will automatically start playing. The first three seconds will determine whether or not the entire video will be consumed, so start with a bang!


With LinkedIn being a business-focused platform, it’s important to keep your video content more professional and educational. Avoid posting trivial videos; you want to add value for your followers.

Keep in mind that even though the platform will allow you to post a 10 minute video, your audience is made up of busy people who likely will not sit through a video of that length. Keep your videos under two minutes or less, ideally 30-60 seconds. As with Facebook videos, subtitles widen the potential viewing audience for your content.

With these tips in your marketing arsenal, you’re on your way to creating optimized video content for every social platform. What tips and tricks have you employed to give your videos some extra impact?

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