Remote Work Advice from the Social Media Experts, Part 2 — Tech, Environment, & Mental Preparation

Michelle HeathersNovember 17, 2021Tips

Remote and hybrid work is here to stay , so if you’re new to the remote environment, or old pros (like our team here at BrandGlue, having been remote for a decade plus now!), we have some tips to help make your remote work successful. In this three-part series, we are sharing everything from the technology we use to get through the day as social media managers, to the mental preparation it takes to conduct your work in a remote environment.

In Part 1 , the BrandGlue team shared the technology that keeps social media marketers on track. From basic elements like laptops and headphones to organizational systems like Google Docs, technology plays a key role in allowing team members to collaborate and communicate effectively.

Part 2 of our series focuses on creating a remote work environment that keeps social media management productive. Studies show that engaged employees are productive ones, but where does engagement start? Typically, it begins with a work environment that inspires creativity and innovation.

Let’s break down the specifics of a creative and innovative remote work environment.

Make a Schedule … And Stick to It!

If you’re in the social media world, then you know how rapid the work pace can be . That’s why it’s so important to establish a routine when working remotely. BrandGlue Senior Strategist Rai Masuda says that his routine is critical to his success. “I'm a creature of habit, so it was really important for me to figure out which work I should do at the beginning, middle, and end of my day. This enables me to stay on track.”

Our Community Manager Tiffany Beard echoed this sentiment, adding that for her — a busy mom of four who is always balancing her work and home life — working at unconventional times is how she makes a remote routine successful. “A schedule is essential to making sure work (and life) gets done. I take full advantage of being able to do asynchronous work , getting work done at times in the evening when my children are sleeping and the house is quiet.”

Find a Method That Works For You

Part of staying on track in remote work is not letting tasks pile up. While you might not have the opportunity to just pop into someone’s office to check on the progress of a campaign, remote work allows the freedom to create a production method that’s more personalized. However, with a reliance on digital communication methods comes a whole slew of emails, IMs, Slacks, etc. Keeping these in check can be a job in and of itself!

To keep his emails from becoming overwhelming, our Creative Director, Joey Ponce, uses a tried and true system. “Honestly, the most important part of a productive remote-working environment for me has been keeping my email in check. I use the zero inbox method to know exactly what tasks are needed each day and to keep my inbox empty. It helps keep my stress low by giving me confidence in my day.”

Location, Location, Location

In remote and hybrid work, it’s all about where your office is set up! For some of the BrandGlue team, this means creating a designated workspace in their house , away from distractions and background noise.

Personally, I need peace and quiet to get my work done. To do this, I go upstairs to the office space in my home to work. This is a must for me -- I do not do well sitting in my kitchen or living room trying to work because my kiddos are constantly distracting me, asking questions, etc. My office area is removed from most noise and I am then able to focus and hone in when I'm at work.

The feeling is mutual for Hannah Lushin, an Account Director at BrandGlue. “Having an office (with a door!) is super important to me. Laptops let you work anywhere, but I'm most productive and organized when I'm in my office at my desk with my monitors and to-do list beside me.”

When work-life meets homelife, distractions abound. Knowing how to manage them is a crucial part of finding success in remote work long term. Our VP of Client Services, Zach Welch, keeps distractions at a minimum as much as he can while working from home. “I have my own dedicated office space with a door that mostly stays closed to keep Weller the dog from bugging me! Cletus the cat typically sleeps in his cat tree next to my desk, but he sleeps 95% of the time. My wife also works from home, but her office space is on a different floor. So during the workday, I usually only see her at lunch. We also don't have any kids (yet!) so that helps keep the distractions down.”

As you can see from the expert tips and insights from our team, social media managers need to be aware that their environment can play a big part in their overall focus and productivity when working remotely.

Coming up in Part 3, we take a look at the mental preparation that is needed in a remote and hybrid work environment.

Working remotely? We want to know -- what have you done to minimize distractions?

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