Remote Work Advice from the Social Media Experts, Part 1 — Tech, Environment, & Mental Preparation

Michelle HeathersOctober 27, 2021Tips

While the pandemic introduced many changes across the social media landscape , one of the biggest takeaways was the rapid increase and dependence on remote and hybrid work. Now, some companies are making the transition to remote-only work, while others are attempting a hybrid approach; either way, remote work in some shape or form is here to stay.

With over 12 years of remote social media work under our belts, the BrandGlue team decided it was time we shared our tips to make the most of working from … well, anywhere! In this three-part series, our team weighs in on everything from choosing the right technology to setting up your remote work environment to the mental preparation that is needed to be successful in remote work (whether you’re working remotely for a short time or in it for the long haul!). For social media managers, this series should be especially helpful, since that’s what our team does day in and day out.

In Part 1, we’ll take a look at the technology that makes remote work … work!

Tech Talks

Social media managers know the importance of effective collaboration, and many times that starts with getting the basics (like desk chairs and computer equipment) right. On average, companies in 2021 spent 20% of their meeting room budget on collaborative conference call technologies, making the need for a reliable at-home computer a must. For our Creative Director, Joey Ponce, this piece of equipment is his main requirement for successful remote work.“A high-performing, well-functioning laptop has been my #1 tool for working remotely. I can work from anywhere, attach monitors as needed, and keep my projects organized and running smoothly all at the same time if necessary.”

For one of our Senior Social Media Strategists, Rai Masuda, effective workflow comes down to having a chair and a desk that helps instead of hindering his productivity. “It might not be the most glamorous tip, but if you don't have a comfortable chair, you're going to be in rough shape every day. Being able to stand at my desk helps to break things up and get the blood flowing.”

Account Director Hannah Lushin shares that dual monitors make or break her productivity. “I can work much more quickly and effectively when I can see multiple clients, projects, etc. on multiple screens. Case in point: I've been moving homes over the past few weeks and had to work off just my laptop for about 1.5 weeks while I got a new desk and got my office set up — and I felt way less organized and efficient the whole time! I'm much happier (and productive) now that my office and monitors are set up.”

Stay Connected, Even While Apart

Outside of simply being in a new environment, 41% of remote workers said the biggest process change was how differently they communicated and collaborated with their coworkers. Technology plays a big part in keeping a team communicating and connected, and for social media managers, keeping the lines of communication open and flowing is of the utmost importance.

To stay connected to the rest of the BrandGlue team, Community Manager Tiffany Beard uses Google docs. “It’s an easy way to see and make edits and keep workflow going.” Sprout Social says that maintaining connection, and keeping company culture at the center even while working remotely, is the key to success in this new work era. A great first step for social media managers is to set up ‘best practices’ for what technology and equipment they will need to get their job done from wherever they might be working from.

As remote and hybrid work move away from just a quick-fix strategy to make it through the pandemic and into the future of the modern workforce , social media managers should take note that technology, an employee’s environment, and their overall mentality play a big part in successful remote work.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series, where we look at how setting up your remote work environment is another important piece in the remote work puzzle!

What tech keeps you productive and organized while you’re remote/hybrid working? Let us know!

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