3 Questions to See If 1-Click Buying Is Right For Your Brand

Michelle HeathersApril 20, 2017Advertising Tips

As a follow up to Monday’s post on important considerations to make before jumping into eCommerce on social media platforms, we thought we’d put together a list of questions for brands to ask themselves to see if 1-Click buying is right for you:

1. Is This Right For Your Audience?

Different generations shop differently online. Older generations are used to a more traditional "shopping cart" experiences where you save items to your cart and then go through a process to buy those items. Younger generations are more open to new processes and adapting to new methods. It’s critical that your brand knows your target demographic and enters into the area of social selling and 1-click buying accordingly.

Merchants need to have a good handle on their audience and their buying patterns in order to appropriately assess if this will work well. Is your typical buyer older? Impulsive? Wants to look at eight reviews before purchasing? Influenced by celebrities and will do whatever they do? The answers to those types of questions should give you a good decision tree to see if your target audience would be a good fit for these new types of ads.

2. What is the Cost?

Just as Facebook initially gave brands a good amount of organic reach into their fans newsfeeds and then cut that back to a pay-to-play game, a similar trend could happen with this. If it's successful, we see the cost becoming more and more exponential. The reason for this is that there is always limited space in your Facebook newsfeed or Twitter feed. That space gets more and more expensive as brands want a piece of the pie with ads. These new types of ads will be no exception.

3. Will This Fit With Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

It’s critical that brands, particularly SMBs, know their strengths and weaknesses. Are you a savvy social ads person, finding it no trouble to put time towards assessing ads data? Do you know how to use Facebook look-alike campaigns and retargeting ads? It will be critical to target these 1-click to buy ads at the right audience. If this skill set and knowledge base is not your expertise, then it might be better to wait a bit and let others delve into social ads and 1-click buying first. Know if this is an area of strength and act accordingly.

Do you have questions about social selling or 1-click buying? Not sure if it’s a good fit for your brand? Reach out to us at hello@brandglue.com  for your free social media assessment. We’d be happy to give you our expert advice and assistance!

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