How to Use Instagram Highlights in Your Social Media Marketing

Michelle HeathersFebruary 20, 2019News

If you’ve taken the time to create a great Instagram Story, nothing is worse than knowing that in just 24 short hours, all of your hard work will be gone forever. Enter Instagram Highlights, which allows you to pick your favorite Instagram Stories and showcase them on your profile for as long as you’d like. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of this feature by learning how to organize your Instagram content for optimal engagement. Below we’ve outlined three tips to get the most out of your Instagram Highlights.

Showcasing Product Collections via Instagram Highlights

When your brand launches a new product, this milestone creates great content to share across social media. Start with some of your latest product additions and add them as Instagram Stories on your company’s Instagram page. Next, save and sort these Stories to your Instagram Highlights for customers to check out.

As your product line increases, show it off in your collections section. Change the collections several times a quarter to allow the spotlight to shine on everything your company offers and all of the recent product updates and new offerings. This will allow your customers to easily see your range of products, interact with them, and even share about them easily with their own followers.

Using FAQs in Instagram Highlights

Customer service checks are a must and are considered a best practice on social media . It allows your business to answer questions and address complaints from your users and followers. However, it can often become monotonous to answer the same questions again and again. To help with this, consider utilizing Instagram Highlights by creating Stories that answer common questions. This enables current and future customers to easily get answers to their question with minimal wait time.

By having an FAQ in your Instagram Highlights, not only does it save you time, but it also benefits your customers. And, the best part is that the Instagram Highlight never has to end. As new questions come in, you can continue to add the answers to this Highlight.

Sharing Reviews on Instagram Highlights

Have you ever had a review come through that you instantly knew should be shared to the world via social media? Create a series of Instagram Stories that show off how customers feel about your products. It’s as easy as taking a screenshot and adding it to Instagram.

Showcasing the reviews that you receive accomplishes several things. For one, it creates a content pillar that can be a part of your social media editorial calendar. Additionally, sharing reviews will let your customers know that you listen to what they are saying and that you appreciate them. This can help build brand credibility with potential customers .

Content that you create for your brand, particularly video content, often deserves to be showcased. Having only 24 hours to highlight this content doesn’t do it justice. By using these three tips, you can help your company get the most out of this top-notch content by adding Instagram Highlights to your social media strategy.

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