Google+ Strategies to Drive Business

Zach WelchSeptember 04, 2014Tips

Social media can be a great tool to interact with your customers and gain feedback directly from them. You can start conversations and share information in a more relaxed atmosphere that isn’t reeking of advertising or promotional content. However, there does come a point when engaging content and conversations is not enough; you have to close the deal.

It’s getting more difficult for brands to gain coveted real estate on their fans’ Newsfeeds and conversations on Twitter move in a blur. If one of your goals is to build email lists and directly generate leads, it’s time to take a closer look at Google+.

Believe it or not, Google+ now garners higher engagement than Twitter and Facebook . And with a monthly active in-stream user base of over 300 million, keen niche communities, recent updates to make image sharing a richer experience and new features like Helpouts and Shoppable Hangouts (in beta), Google’s much-maligned social network is poised to serve both B2C and B2B markets well.

Unbounce, a landing page marketing tool, shared 6 ways the pros are using Google+ to increase conversions :

  1. Link to a landing page from your Google+ posts
  2. Build lasting relationships and co-promote content
  3. Get your expert customers to generate leads for you
  4. Sponsor a hangout on air
  5. Host your own hangout on air
  6. Submit your hangout on air to a directory

You might have noticed that half of these tips involve hangouts on air. This unique to Google+ feature allows you to share expert  content on a topic as well as build key relationships not only with customers, but also with others in your field.

How do you use Google+ to drive business?

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