Facebook Will Now Wish You A Happy Anniversary

Michelle HeathersJuly 01, 2014News

Did you know that if you shared your dating or wedding anniversary on Facebook, the social network will now wish you “Happy Anniversary”? The well wishes will only be sent if you login that day and will give you the option of sharing a collection of photos tagged with you and your significant other.

According to a Facebook FAQ, unless you choose to share the announcement more broadly, only you can see your anniversary story. It will appear in your News Feed and you will have the option of sharing it out. We recommend keeping the “mush factor” on the lighter side for your single friends.

Perhaps you were already going to share the update with your friends and this new update takes one step out of that process. Or maybe you needed the reminder yourself to make last-minute dinner reservations and pick up a gift. Who knows, maybe before too long Facebook will also give you gift recommendations by year. Paper or tin, anyone?

Image via InsideFacebook.

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