The Top Design Trends on Social Media in 2023

Stew ForrestSeptember 13, 2023Design

We’re over halfway through 2023, and there’s already been an explosion of change on social media. Technology is changing, the platforms are changing, the way people are consuming social media is changing—it’s everywhere! 

Alongside these advancements, we’re seeing some pretty cool social media design trends coming to our screens. And this is where it gets fun. As we know, social media doesn’t always follow the traditional design rules , and that’s what keeps it interesting. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into these design styles and trends that we can expect throughout the rest of 2023 on social media. 

AI-Generated Art

AI-generated art has taken the social scene by storm. These are brought to life by artificial intelligence algorithms, which craft images based on specific parameters defined by the creator. 

The primary advantage of utilizing AI-generated art lies in its ability to save time and energy for creative professionals. This is a huge bonus for social media professionals, given that we spin out a mass amount of content. 

There are many AI-generated art platforms available , some for free, to help maximize creativity on social media. See AI-generated art in action on social media from J2Agency below. 

Visual Storytelling

When it comes to captivating an audience on social media, achieving success goes beyond just likes. For businesses, the goal should be to foster meaningful engagement with their target audience, creating connections that extend beyond fleeting moments.

One of the most effective social media graphic design trends to achieve this is visual storytelling. By harnessing the power of visual narratives, businesses can effectively communicate their message, evoke emotions, and leave a lasting impact on their audience. This approach allows for a deeper, more resonant connection that goes beyond superficial interactions, making it a valuable strategy for businesses looking to thrive in the social media landscape.

Check out an example of this design trend below from Lego

2D/3D Mashups

The allure of the 2D/3D MASHUP design trend lies in its ability to merge two seemingly disparate elements into a harmonious work of art. To accomplish this, designers must possess a comprehensive understanding of both 2D and 3D design principles.

On social media, this most commonly displays in the form of a GIF, which most social platforms are accepting as social posts now, at least organically. 

Here’s an example of a 2D/3D social mashup from Kevin Tang for Discord . It sure does make you feel like you are in a futuristic century, right?

90’s Nostalgia/Anti-Design 

The 90’s are back! Not just in the fashion-sense, but within social media designs this year.  Do we think it’s true that social media designs will come back in style in 2050? 😉

So, why has this design trend come back around? The fond memories of this era evoke a powerful emotion in viewers, nostalgia, allowing them to connect more with the brand. Not to mention, the retro elements in these designs stand out from other graphics due to their familiarity. 

Of course, you can’t talk about 90’s designs without talking about anti-designs. The purpose of anti-design is to defy purpose is to defy all that’s trendy to the point of monotony. Think, anything LOUD! Playing with color is a great way to do this, and we covered this exact topic in a recent blog, “THE PSYCHOLOGY OF COLOR IN SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING ”. 

Here’s a social media example focusing on the 90’s/anti-design trend

Minimalist Design

Last, but not least, we have to mention minimalist design. This trend continues in popularity on social media. Minimalist designs, characterized by clean lines and restrained colors, prove ideal for smaller screens like phones and tablets. Not only do these designs exhibit their visual appeal across all devices, but they also offer effortless navigation and quick comprehension for users. The biggest key to this trend is whitespace.

Asana is a great brand to watch for minimalist designs on LinkedIn

Design Takeaways for B2B Brands 

These design trends we’ve seen so far in 2023 aren’t just geared toward e-commerce brands. We’re seeing more B2B brands play with these visuals as a way to stand out among the competition. The important thing to remember is to adhere to brand guidelines while you do so. 

Have you tried out any of these design trends yet in 2023? Tell us in the comments!

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