Captivating Copy: 4 Tips for Social Media Copywriting

Hannah LushinFebruary 02, 2022Tips

Today, the typical social media newsfeed is full of flashy graphics, entertaining videos, and an array of sponsored ad content. So if you’re wondering if there’s even a point to good copy anymore, never fear: The answer is a resounding yes. Great copy is one of the key elements you’ll find in engaging social content. It takes video and graphic assets to the next level by providing context, encouraging continued conversation, and ultimately creating conversions. 

So, how do you make your copy stand out and truly resonate with your audience? Here are some tips to get you started.

Tell a Story 

Audiences in 2021 were looking for brands to be authentic in their social content, with 90% of those recently surveyed saying authenticity is No. 1 on their list when it comes to deciding which brands they like and support. How can social media marketers utilize this information? By investing time in copy and content that tells a story. Instead of listing out product features, try narrating how a product or service will impact your audience’s life , making the customer the hero of your social story. 

Want to get your employees more involved with your company’s social media? Try telling their stories , too. By making your brand’s social presence more human and relatable with volunteer efforts, community drives, and employee recognitions, you’re encouraging real people to participate, which in turn creates authentic communities who are engaged with your copy and content. 

Use Your (Active) Voice

 Want to sound confident and self-assured on social? Try writing in active voice , which injects energy into your social copy and keeps it animated. It also points your audience’s attention straight to the subject, meaning your message will come across as strong and direct — two big keys when it comes to stopping the social scroll and helping viewers to connect with your brand. Choosing active voice over passive voice can also help you stay concise, a great benefit on social platforms with short character limits (we’re looking at you, brevity-loving Twitter !). 

Give Context Clues

 Dynamic copy isn’t the only piece you’ll need for a compelling social post. Make sure your copy pairs well with videos, graphics, and other assets, providing context as well as the vital information your audiences are searching for. Not everyone amongst your social followers will have the same knowledge, background, or frame of reference, so think about your social copy as a way to fill in holes and answer questions. Ultimately, graphics and copy should complement each other , a great tip to keep in mind before your next campaign. 

Keep the Conversation Flowing

Remember that a key element to social media is keeping things, well … social. For brands, this means going beyond basic self-promotion and creating opportunities for two-way communication. Successful brands use features like polls, Q&As, and other tactics to gamify responses , which in turn encourages dialogue. Another way to drum up conversation is by inviting followers to participate with your brand behind the scenes , asking them for product input, and learning more about their wants and needs as the conversation unfolds.

 To really optimize conversations and creative output for a campaign, make sure your social copy not only shares why audiences should care, but also explicitly (and simply) directs them how to participate. Some social platforms are more suited to this dialogue, like the conversation-driven platform Twitter , which enables paid media to really be maximized to generate impressions through retweets, quote tweets, etc.

At the end of the day, copy has the power to make audiences feel emotionally tied to your brand, and even compel them to act. Words are a very important tool for marketers to consider carefully and use wisely. It’s critical to make purposeful copy choices to motivate your audiences regardless of the social media platform.

How do you keep your social media copy fresh? Tell us in the comments!

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