4 Ways to Increase Organic Twitter Traffic and Conversions

Zach WelchJanuary 09, 2019Tips

With more than 300 million active monthly users, Twitter is an ideal space for creating and reinforcing your brand’s content and image. It’s a great social outlet for reaching followers who can become leads, ultimately turning into sales for your company.

Of course, just knowing that Twitter can be profitable is not enough. If you aren’t successfully generating leads and conversions, it’s not necessarily that you’re “doing Twitter wrong.” Instead, you may need to implement 4 changes that have a dramatic impact on organic Twitter traffic and conversions.

  1. Connect with influencers

    Well-known names will often have an active presence on Twitter, making them perfect for partnerships. However, don't over-emphasize the number of followers any Twitter user has. It’s all about the engagement their tweets get.

    Once you’ve honed in on your target influencers, you now need to get their attention. You can accomplish this by sharing their tweets, communicating and answering questions, and sending them a DM.

    Avoid jumping straight into the ask. Build a relationship with each influencer before asking them to become a brand advocate. In addition, make sure that you highlight how the agreement will be beneficial for them as well.

  2. Quote yourself

    When drafting a tweet, instead of using the title or description of an article, pull a direct quote to use as the copy. This increases the likelihood that interested readers will click on the link to check out the whole article.

    You can also use this trick with old tweets. It will not only help you repurpose old content that has long been forgotten, but will help bring additional attention to your brand. This will ultimately help you to garner additional engagements from those who might have missed the content the first time around or those who more recently followed your brand.

  3. Know what stats matter

    A common misconception is that the sheer number of followers is what determines whether your brand’s Twitter handle is successful or not. Unfortunately, this metric is largely useless, as what really counts in terms of conversions is how many people are actually engaging with your tweets.

    If you aren't getting clicks, then you aren't getting those leads or the potential conversions they bring. The most important metric on Twitter (when it comes to conversions) is your click-through rate.

  4. Mind your language

    There's a fine line between "clickable" and "clickbait".

    As with any form of social media marketing, efforts on Twitter rely heavily on the copy. You want your tweets to be interesting, ultimately garnering clicks, but you also don't want to go overboard.

    Aim for content that is exciting but also conversational. If it isn’t something that you would say when having a conversation with a friend, then it is probably not going to result in organic engagements on Twitter.

    In addition, tweets that include a strong CTA are more likely to receive engagement than those that don’t.

So, there you have it - four great ways to grow your organic Twitter traffic. By implementing these tips, you’ll be well on your way to more engagement on Twitter, with the goal of that engagement turning into clicks and conversions on your website.

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