3 Facebook Ad Mistakes That Could Be Hurting You

Zach WelchMarch 06, 2019News

You already understand the importance of utilizing Facebook ads to grow your business. But, that doesn’t mean your ads are performing as well as they could be. Below are three common mistakes I see marketers making that might be jeopardizing your results. Read on!

Bidding Against Yourself

Facebook ads work as an online auction. You pay when your target audience completes the desired action. This means your competition is all of the other ads that are targeting your same audience.

If you create multiple campaigns that run at the same time and target the same audience, you’ve placed yourself in direct competition with your target audience.

When this happens, you will be bidding against yourself, causing your campaigns to underperform and be more costly. Additionally, if there is a bid cap being used, the ads might not run at all. You will have placed yourself in an unwinnable bidding war and you will potentially never spend a cent and be unable to garner any conversions.

Poorly Distributed Budget

When you opt to split campaign budgets across several ad sets, Facebook splits it equally. Regardless of an ad sets performance, this will continue to be the case and will waste some of your resources.

Combat this issue by taking full advantage of campaign budget optimization. As opposed to spending equally across your ad sets, selecting this option will force Facebook to spend your ad dollars based on performance. This means the higher performing ads will get more of the budget when needed and you will see better results.

Make sure your ad sets all have the same delivery, and then it’s as simple as checking the “budget optimization” box within the campaign details.

Too Few Conversions to Optimize Delivery

Campaigns that have conversion events require a minimum of 50 conversions per week in order for Facebook to be able to optimize delivery and consistently deliver your ads. If your ad is struggling to convert even slightly, Facebook will not have the ability to stabilize the cost or delivery.

Consider using target cost bidding, as opposed to lowest cost bidding. If you are targeting the right people, utilize creative graphics and consider fewer than 50 conversions each week to still be successful. By doing this, target cost bidding will stabilize your ad’s delivery.

There are a number of issues that can occur when utilizing Facebook ads, but these three mistakes offer a great place to start looking when your ads fall short. Reach out to my on Twitter if you a specific question via @ZachWelch . Happy to answer your specific questions!

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