How we helped Jackson Kayak navigate the rapidly changing waters of social media

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Here’s what they wanted:

  1. Growth: Jackson Kayak wanted to grow their social accounts with a targeted, outdoor-focused audience.
  2. Visibility: Increase social metrics to be comparable to (and beat!) their competitors.
  3. Traffic: Drive traffic to Jackson Kayak’s website to build brand awareness and sell kayaks.

Here was the plan:

To kick things off, we executed a sweepstake to grow the social audience. The prizes were targeted to outdoor enthusiasts, so we gave away GoPro cameras. The grand prize of the contest was a Jackson Kayak of the winner’s choice with roundtrip airfare to Rock Island, Tennessee to paddle with Founder Eric Jackson for the day.

Once we built up the social outlets, we implemented strategies to build engagement with the fanbase. We utilized multiple-choice questions, photo captions and fill-in-the-blanks. We also did a cover photo contest, where we asked fans to upload their awesome kayak photos to our fan page. We chose finalists, uploaded their photos, and let our fans select the winner. The winning photo became our fan page cover photo for the month.

Creativity gets you noticed! Our work on behalf of Jackson Kayak got mentioned in Mashable. Once we had fans engaged, we sprinkled in direct product content and other CTAs that drove folks back to Jackson Kayak’s website.

Here’s how it went:

  1. Growth: Jackson Kayak gained nearly 13,000 targeted new fans.
  2. Visibility: In just 3 months, the BrandGlue team helped Jackson Kayak reach 40% of their fan base (the average fan page reaches 7%). We grew engagement by 780%.
  3. Traffic: BrandGlue helped Jackson Kayak increase referrals from Facebook by 84%. Overall web traffic from social increased by 14%.
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