Case Studies

  • “BrandGlue has been a key partner since the inception of the company. They have a true social DNA and their passion for engaging in new tactics has helped Mint keep 60% of our fans engaged month after month.”

    – Jolene Chen, Marketing Manager,
  • “I was surprised to see just how few of our fans we were reaching. BrandGlue helped us understand the data and optimize our content; this proved to be invaluable, as we were able to extend our reach considerably.”

    – Jeramie McPeek, VP of Digital, Phoenix Suns
  • “BrandGlue brings clear and concise direction and implementation to our social programs. They are a joy to work with and update us on the ever changing environment before anyone else does. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a partner to provide the necessary direction for making the most from social media. Like everything of value, however, they can help you help yourself.”

    – Eric Jackson, Owner of Jackson Kayak
  • “I did not fully grasp the importance of Edgerank nor understand the issues around them until I worked with BrandGlue. They are one of the few firms I can say that I feel I learn something from each time I speak to them.”

    – Shripal Shah, Senior Vice President and CSO at the Washington Redskins
  • “BrandGlue is my social media agency of choice. Here’s why: Expertise, creativity and responsiveness. They’ve worked with clients in many verticals, which has proven invaluable for PGi. They tie our business and social media goals together, and help us drive exciting new conversations with customers, prospects and our associates. I don’t want to share them, but you definitely want them on your team!”

    – Blakely Thomas-Aguilar Manager, PR & Social Media, PGi