HOW TO: Add Recommendations to your Facebook Fan Page (Updated)

Michelle HeathersNovember 02, 2011News

Facebook recently released a new feature that allows fans to write recommendations to the lower right of the wall of a fan page. Note the example below from via InsideFacebook . At times Facebook gives this option directly to new fans, asking them to write their Recommendation upon liking the page, but this has been known to be sporadic and not always happen. The Recommendations are then kept in a widget on the lower right of the fan page. If one of your friends has written a recommendation, the widget will be called Recommendations from Friends. Otherwise, it is simply titled Recommendations.

This new feature is only available for fan pages that list a physical address. You can input your address by going to Edit Page and then selecting Basic Information from the list on the left.

It is easy to manage the recommendations as an admin of the fan page. You have the ability to hide recommendations so they don’t appear in the widget, though that recommendation will still be seen by friends of the recommendation writer.

I see this new feature as a great way for brands to further their public identity and immediately showcase what folks think about them, particularly to new fans who come to the fan page to like it. Current fans will have to be directed back to the wall of the fan page to read what’s been said and then write their own recommendation. This can be done quite simply with a picture that has a clear call to action arrow and directs folks to the widget.

Do you currently use the Recommend this Place widget on your fan page? If so, do you like it?

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