BrandGlue Employee Spotlight: Taylor Davis

by Michelle Heathers on May 20, 2020
BrandGlue Employee Spotlight: Taylor Davis

It’s been a busy couple of months here at BrandGlue! And I’m not just referring to every brand wanting to build out their social presence due to the pandemic. We also have added to our team! I’m very excited to share about our newest Senior Strategist, Taylor Davis. Hailing from the great state of Florida, […]

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BrandGlue Employee Spotlight: Michelle Heathers

by Zach Welch on March 11, 2020

It’s time to showcase the “other half” of BrandGlue, VP of Community Management, Michelle Heathers. When Michelle and I decided to pursue this adventure together, we ventured into uncharted waters, but I could not be more happy with how things have evolved. We take pride in our close and long-standing client relationships, something that many […]

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BrandGlue Employee Spotlight: Zach Welch

by Michelle Heathers on February 12, 2020

This week’s BrandGlue spotlight turns to my long-time friend and business partner, Zach Welch. Zach and I actually grew up together, though we both never dreamed we would manage a business together. We’ve been working at BrandGlue since before 2010, and it has been quite an exciting ride! From working with the NFL and the […]

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BrandGlue Employee Spotlight: Sharon Bell

by Michelle Heathers on January 15, 2020

Our next employee spotlight features Social Media Manager, Sharon Bell. Sharon joined the team in May of last year after taking a few months off for the birth of her daughter. She brought with her more than a decade of social media knowledge and experience managing seven-figure social advertising budgets. It’s been a delight working […]

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