We pioneered using NFO (Newsfeed Optimization) to rank fan pages higher in the Facebook algorithm.

For every 100,000 fans, we can generate up to 1.5 *million* more impressions per month.

We helped them grow from 6 million fans to 17 million. They were growing quickly when they came to us, but we used our NFO tactics to accelerate them even faster, helping them become the fastest growing page on Facebook at the time! YouTube is currently the fourth largest page on Facebook.

We have been with Mint.com from the beginning, helping them grow from 30,000 fans to 130,000 and counting. The average fan page reaches just 7.5% of their fan base. BrandGlue has helped Mint.com become one of the most engaged pages in its class, reaching nearly 30% of its audience on a daily basis. Looking for an example of how Newsfeed Optimization can help you? Look no further!

Intel came to us looking to train their employees in all things Facebook marketing. We said fantastic, you've come to the right place. So, we went to work, creating and producing a set of seven training videos covering messaging, administration, media, events, the marketing funnel, and the newsfeed. Need training? We do consulting over the phone and custom webinars. We tailor our trainings to your specific needs, so drop us a line and lets us know how we can help!

Instrumental in bringing animal-based image macros and lol speak into mainstream usage, Cheezburger Networks sought BrandGlue’s help in executing a sweepstake. To say the campaign was successful would be a massive understatement. We helped them drive 50,000 new Facebook fans and increased unique website traffic by 500,000.