4 Ways to Optimize Facebook Dynamic Ads

by Zach Welch on October 3, 2018
4 Ways to Optimize Facebook Dynamic Ads

Sometimes it’s fun to remember the good ‘ole days of Facebook, when you’d push out an organic post for a brand and it’d garner 100 likes in an hour. While this still definitely happens, it is no longer the norm like it was ten years ago. Today, it’s a pay to play game, and being […]

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Is Newsfeed Optimization Dead?

by Zach Welch on June 7, 2017
Is Newsfeed Optimization Dead

If you’re a social media junkie or marketer, you’ve probably heard the term “newsfeed optimization” (NFO). The term refers to the practice of trying to gain a visibility advantage in Facebook’s newsfeed, which launched nearly 10 years ago. In fact, the team at BrandGlue owes much of our early success as a social media agency […]

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3 Questions to See If 1-Click Buying Is Right For Your Brand

by Michelle Heathers on April 20, 2017
Social media ecommerce is on the rise, here are 3 questions to see if 1 click buying is right for your brand.

As a follow up to Monday’s post on important considerations to make before jumping into eCommerce on social media platforms, we thought we’d put together a list of questions for brands to ask themselves to see if 1-Click buying is right for you: 1. Is This Right For Your Audience? Different generations shop differently online. […]

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Social Media Analytics: Looking at the Big Picture

by Zach Welch on April 12, 2017

Social media marketers are constantly having to prove their value to the company with measurable results. The problem is that almost everything can be measured now, from audience size and engagement to content type and the best time of day to post. But just because it can be measured doesn’t necessarily mean it should be […]

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