How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Facebook Status Updates

by Jess Boyd on July 31, 2014

Whether you want to share industry tips and tricks, or update your customers on the latest news at your company, maintaining a blog can be a great piece in your content marketing strategy. In order to get more eyes on your content, make use of your built-in audience on Facebook. These five tips from Socially […]

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4 Simple Tools To Track Google+ Performance

by Michelle Heathers on July 28, 2014

With over 300 million users and the ability to search social content and double engagement on Twitter, Google+ is a key social platform when it comes to reaching your audience online. Social Media Examiner shared four tools to track the analytics behind Google+, identify your key audiences and boost engagement: 1. Find Influencers and Evangelists […]

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Are Video Ads The Future For Facebook?

by Zach Welch on July 24, 2014

Have you noticed an abundance of videos in your Facebook news feed? Changes to Facebook’s news feed algorithm last month was designed to provide users with better videos on the platform. The tweak includes a new video ranking system which takes into account whether people are actually watching each video — and for how long […]

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Hashtags: What To Do And What Not To Do

by Michelle Heathers on July 21, 2014

With great power comes great responsibility. Hashtags have the power to elevate your social campaign, but they also have the power to ruin your brand’s reputation if used improperly. They can highlight trends, tie campaigns to chosen keywords, and isolate conversations. Understanding when to use hashtags and which terms to tie to your brand is […]

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