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Social Sweepstakes: How BrandGlue Helped Quicken Attract the Right Audience

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  1. Quicken wanted to grow their Facebook presence with a sweepstake.
  2. The growth had to be cost-effective.
  3. The influx of new fans must hit targeted personas.


We created the Vacation From Your Bills Sweepstake, giving away a prize package worth $5,000. The cash portion of the prize was for the winner to help them pay off their bills. This aspect would help us attract our targeted personas. The copy of Quicken Deluxe helped us build brand awareness and connect personal finance with our products. The consultation from a dedicated Quicken expert made sure the winner knew how to use our product, enabling them to quickly become a Quicken pro.

Besides offering a great prize package, we wanted to incentivize sharing. After entering, we created the app so that entrants could invite their friends to enter. If the friends entered, the original entrant would get additional entries for those folks.


  • The Quicken fan base grew by over 60%.
  • Over 50% of folks shared the sweepstake.
  • Over 40% of folks who viewed the sweepstakes entered.
  • Our targeted persona demographics grew by almost 200%.


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