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10 Ways to Solve Facebook for B2B: How BrandGlue Helped Grow Eloqua’s Facebook Community by 2,500%

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Facebook can be a lonely place for many B2B companies, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll show you how.

Actionable lessons learned by the BrandGlue and Eloqua Facebook collaboration, which resulted in a 2,500% growth in Eloqua’s Facebook fan community, 150% growth in Facebook referred traffic and nearly 300% greater fan engagement than industry norms.

Start by Stopping

If you are doing these things, don’t:

  • Declarative status updates.
  • Text-only status updates.
  • Inconsistent posts.
  • Repetitive topics.
  • Back-to-back frequency.
  • Ignoring referral traffic.

Know Where Your Fans Come From

Find “bright spots” in your fan acquisition strategy, and scale those successes. Where is the growth coming from?

  • Sweepstakes: 1,079 — 43%
  • Paid Advertising: 872 — 35%
  • Organic: 336 — 13%
  • Like Boxes/Widgets: 211 — 8%
  • Search/Request: 12 — 1%

How to Deconstruct the Daunting “Other” Wedge

  • Identify spikes in growth
  • Annotate dates of spikes (contest, PR, ads)
  • Categorize the amount of growth during the spikes
  • Subtract the spike categories, social widgets, and search/requests, to see yoru organic growth.

Create a Landing Tab

Single call-to-action “like” increases conversions A/B test on’s Facebook page revealed a 73% increase in conversions with a landing tab.

Engagement = Passive. Acquisition = Active.

Fans engage with your content passively via the newsfeed, but you acquire them via direction action (they search for you).

Internal referral source:

  • # of referrals via search: 1,150, or 92%.
  • # of referrals via the stream: 97, or 8%.

Sweepstakes Attract Fans, but Engagement is Key to NFO.

Acquisition is only valuable if you engage new fans.

  • New fans vs. 20 days prior to the sweepstakes: 4,529%
  • Total new fans (unique): 2,500
  • Total removed fans (unique): 187

How to Minimize Unsubscribes During Sweepstakes

  • Right-set recruiting goals: Fewer “valuable” fans trump more “vanity” fans.
  • Stay true to base: Don’t over-communicate sweepstakes in newsfeed.

If You See a Spike in Unsubscribes:

  • Stop whatever you are doing.
  • Review your content.
    • Is it relevant?
    • Is it interesting?
    • Is it social acceptable?
  • Adjust the volume: 1 or 2 posts/day is plenty.

Know Facebook’s “Golden Ratio”

  • Overall Facebook average: 27% comments, 73% likes.
  • B2B average: 23% comments, 77% likes.
  • B2C average: 28% comments, 72% likes.

Don’t Forget About Weekends

No updates on weekends = missed engagement opportunity.

The Richer the Media, the Deeper the Engagement

  • Links: 37%
  • Photos: 40%
  • Videos: 45%

(Percentages represent engagement rates.)

Engagement Drives Visibility

These things hurt:

  • Infrequent posts
  • Inconsistent posts
  • Declarative posts
  • Repetitive topics
  • No call to action

These things help:

  • 1-2 posts per day
  • Consistent timing
  • Interrogative posts
  • Varied topics
  • Asking for response (“Like” if you…)

Bonus Do: Cute helps. Bonus Don’t: Auto-posting tools.

  • Facebook algorithm doesn’t look favorably on auto-posting and 3rd party publisher tools.
  • When a publisher tool was used, the content had 61% less visibility than manual posts.

Shift from Measuring Page Views…

  • Less than 1% of fans ever returned to Eloqua’s page, stream views trump page views.
  • The average page only reaches 7.5% of its fans. With NFO, Eloqua passed 22%.

…to Stream Views

  • Raw stream views: Every time your status update is rendered in the newsfeed.
  • Unique stream views: Number of individuals who see your status updates.
  • NFO = Newsfeed Optimization.

Don’t Forget About Inbound Traffic

What’s 150%? The lift in traffic referred from Facebook to Eloqua’s website and blog during the BrandGlue collaboration.

Recap: 10 Lessons

  • End bad habits
  • Know where your fans come from
  • Create a landing tab
  • Always include media in posts
  • Measure stream views, not page
  • Post on weekends
  • Mitigate unsubscribes
  • Use sweepstakes for acquisition; NFO for engagement
  • Know what triggers engagement
  • Remember to measure inbound traffic

Special Thanks

  1. BrandGlue: Facebook marketing agency
  2. Pagelever: Facebook analytics tool
  3. Eloqua: Brand experiment, content partner
  4. Participant
  5. JESS3: Case study creator
  6. Stella: The cute puppy


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