HOW TO: Add Recommendations to your Facebook Fan Page (Updated)

by Michelle Heathers on November 2, 2011

Facebook recently released a new feature that allows fans to write recommendations to the lower right of the wall of a fan page. Note the example below from via InsideFacebook. At times Facebook gives this option directly to new fans, asking them to write their Recommendation upon liking the page, but this has been known to be sporadic and not always happen. The Recommendations are then kept in a widget on the lower right of the fan page. If one of your friends has written a recommendation, the widget will be called Recommendations from Friends. Otherwise, it is simply titled Recommendations.

This new feature is only available for fan pages that list a physical address. You can input your address by going to Edit Page and then selecting Basic Information from the list on the left.

It is easy to manage the recommendations as an admin of the fan page. You have the ability to hide recommendations so they don’t appear in the widget, though that recommendation will still be seen by friends of the recommendation writer.

I see this new feature as a great way for brands to further their public identity and immediately showcase what folks think about them, particularly to new fans who come to the fan page to like it. Current fans will have to be directed back to the wall of the fan page to read what’s been said and then write their own recommendation. This can be done quite simply with a picture that has a clear call to action arrow and directs folks to the widget.

Do you currently use the Recommend this Place widget on your fan page? If so, do you like it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

  1. I’d love to have the Recommendations feature on my FB page facebook/ but have locations all throughout the country. Is there anyway to get around listing a location or adding multi addresses?

    • Hmm, good question. Do you have fan pages for each of your locations? If you do, than you can tag each one at their location. If not, I’d use the address of your main headquarters. Put a note in your “About” section on your Facebook page that you are in numerous locations. In my opinion, having the Recommendations feature is worth tying your fan page to one location.

  2. Hi michelle. Do you mind giving the exact steps. I added our address but still can’t seem to find a way to add the recommendations box. It is not showing.
    Thank you in advance for your help

  3. Facebook won’t recognise any address relevant to my business that i put in. Now they are real addresses cause i live there. Any suggestions?

  4. hey. great article – i saw this feature just now and had no idea how i can get it 🙂
    but i have an address in my fan page and still this field does not appear …
    any idea ?

  5. Lee Bennett

    Several months later, and the link you provided in your article on how to manage the Recommendations box doesn’t work any more. By chance do you have a new one, or can explain how to manage it? I’d just as soon eliminate it. There’s only one person who’s been using it for my office’s Page, and that person isn’t doing any recommending. They’re just looking for any venue they can possibly find for airing out a bogus grievance.

  6. Heinrich

    Hi there, do you have to be a “Local business / places” type of page, or is there another way of doing this on pages that are “brands/products”?

  7. Hi there, I added my address, though the map shows it as being somewhere else…but I still can’t see the recommendations on my page. The link above that Emilie had goes to a market page not Recommendations App…HELP?!

  8. Hey folks, thanks for pointing out that the link no longer works. I took it down and haven’t been able to find a similar one from Facebook explaining how to manage Recommendations. I tried to detail it out a bit better in my blog post above via some revisions.
    For those asking about whether you have to be a places page to get recommendations: yes, you do. There isn’t a way around this. Simply go to Edit Page > Basic Information. Change the category to be on that allows you to input an address. Save the changes and you should see a Recommendations widget show up on your fan page.
    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  9. HI, On my fanpage, my recommendations widget doesnt allow me to read the FULL dot’s off and i can’t open to read. ?? Any ideas?

  10. Katy

    I have tried every possible way to get recommendations – deleting the page, creating new a one. When I first created my page, a friend of mine was actually able to leave a recommendation – it was there for all to see – except ME! When I viewed my page I could not see any recommendations, any widget – nothing – which could obviously end up being a total nightmare… and TOTALLY pointless, if I can’t actually read my recommendations…I am a local business, and I have an address, and all this inputted fine…but still no recommendations, I really need help please!!

  11. Colleen

    I have selected local business and have always had a valid address listed. Still no recommendations widget. I’m also missing the function that would allow me to create an offer! What am I doing wrong…do I need a certain number of fans first? I have 152 now.

  12. kyla heaton

    Ive got through all the steps, got a valid address in and still no recommendation widget 🙁 please help

  13. Kim

    Hi Michelle,
    It too will not show up on my fan page. I have a residential place of business I wonder if this maybe a reason why so many of can’t get ours to show up? I have done it exactly as instructed, just can’t figure it out? But then again we are talking about facebook here lol! If you have any current updates on what could be wrong that would be great. I am going to contact them regarding this.

  14. I changed my category and added an address but no recommendaton widget ‘showed up’. Any other suggestions?

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