3 Tips to Make Your Social Media Strategy Mobile-First

by Zach Welch on September 25, 2019

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you know that mobile device usage is rapidly increasing. And with that comes the increase of people using their devices to access social media apps. While this is likely no surprise, the below stats show just how sharp the mobile curve is getting.  Did […]

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How to Increase Employee Engagement on Social Media

by Michelle Heathers on September 12, 2019

Employees are a company’s best asset. Their dedication and loyalty is what makes your business successful, and collectively they have the power to ensure your company’s social media presence continues to flourish. Long gone are the days of discouraging social media activity while at work. Yes, there should be clear social media policies in place, […]

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Is LinkedIn the New Facebook?

by Michelle Heathers on August 28, 2019

I’ve been in the B2B social media industry for nearly a decade, which means I’ve been up close and personal with LinkedIn and Company Page features pretty much as long as they’ve been around.  During this time, we’ve seen the novelty of growing one’s online professional network skyrocket. LinkedIn has evolved to meet their growing […]

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4 Tips for Handling a Social Media Crisis

by Michelle Heathers on August 14, 2019

We often hear about the brands and businesses who make a social media blunder or who don’t navigate a public relations issue the right way. But what about the brands that do? What’s their secret? Social media allows news — good and bad — to travel faster than ever, meaning that social media crisis management […]

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How to Create a Social Media Report: A 5-Step Guide

by Zach Welch on July 31, 2019

Creating social media reports can seem like a simple, routine task; export the data, enter it into a spreadsheet, throw it in a template and ship it off to the boss or the client. However, data is one of the most valuable parts of social media, and it can’t be a mindless exercise. Your reports […]

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