Our Key Takeaways from Social Media Examiner’s 2020 Report

by Zach Welch on June 3, 2020
Our Key Takeaways from Social Media Examiner’s 2020 Report

There are a couple of social media news outlets we regularly monitor, and Social Media Examiner is one of them. Their 2020 Social Media Marketing Industry Report is a must-see, and we would definitely recommend you download and read it for yourself.  In this year’s report, Michael Stelzner and his team interviewed over 5,000 of […]

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BrandGlue Employee Spotlight: Michelle Heathers

by Zach Welch on March 11, 2020

It’s time to showcase the “other half” of BrandGlue, VP of Community Management, Michelle Heathers. When Michelle and I decided to pursue this adventure together, we ventured into uncharted waters, but I could not be more happy with how things have evolved. We take pride in our close and long-standing client relationships, something that many […]

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3 Tips to Choose the Right Campaign Objective

by Zach Welch on February 26, 2020

With Facebook now offering more than 11 different campaign objectives, and LinkedIn recently adding more objectives to their advertising dashboard, it can sometimes be tricky to know which one will make your campaign the most successful.  Before jumping right into the ad dashboard to begin building your campaign, consider taking a step back and thinking […]

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5 Inspiring Social Media Campaigns of 2019

by Zach Welch on December 4, 2019

It can be hard to cut through the clutter and make a big splash with social media campaigns. There is more newsfeed competition than ever, which gives added pressure for brands to get truly creative and innovative with social content. But, sometimes, you just never know if your brilliant idea is going to flop or […]

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Are Facebook Watch and IGTV Worth the Marketing Energy?

by Zach Welch on November 6, 2019

Video continues to be one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. It’s engaging, memorable, and tells a story more easily than static content. On social media, video averages 48% more views and 1200% more shares than images and Cisco estimates that by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all […]

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