Marketers often think "fan pages" = "fan websites".
So they build lots of fancy tabs to turn these fan pages into "fan-sites". Unfortunately, research shows that 96% of fans never revisit fan pages. Cool "fan-sites" become useless because fans simply don't return.
Fans engage with your content directly through the newsfeed...
Thankfully, you can reach your fans via status updates in the newsfeed. Fans are far more likely to notice and interact with your content through the newsfeed, rather than directly on your fan page. Your fans won't treat your fan page like a website, so you shouldn't either. An effective Facebook strategy focuses on a fancy newsfeed, not a fancy fan page.
To prevent the Newsfeed from getting too crowded, Facebook created an algorithm that hides boring content.
Just because you post something to your fans doesn't mean they'll see it. This algorithm works like a credit rating: it's invisible, it's important, and no one quite knows how it works. When we realized this, we started trying to measure algorithm performance.
"Newsfeed impressions" measure how many fans see your content.
You can measure your performance in the algorithm by measuring newsfeed impressions. An impression is counted every time a status update is rendered in the browser. We started measuring, and we got scared. The average fan page who contacted us was reaching only 7.5% of their fan base. In fact, the average fan page ranks so low in the algorithm that 70-90% of your fans NEVER see your status update. These fans are essentially vanity fans, never revisiting your fan page and never seeing your content in their newsfeed. So, we created NFO (Newsfeed Optimization) to help Facebook fan pages actually reach their fans.